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brought forth by experience in marketing and promoting records, love of and reviews of movies and film, a involvement in politics. with abreast of literature, always reverence for cultures-- The Spot Podcasts bring the latest in movies music culture politics, and the holy bible society, to our viewers and listeners.

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We are committed to working with minority youth to instruct howto film creation/completion to teach the youth film production: from pre-production to production to post-production to completion. Instructing all aspects of film production, with an emphasis on sound recording, mastering and re-enforcement. 

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We bring the latest in news from our point of view. Happening programming Monday thru Friday, tune-in to The Spot. Use the hashtag #youfoundthespot


Our team is here to bring laughs in the morning, information, and entertainment, all day everyday, to our listening audience. We appreciate You!


We are award winning, with our years selling records, RIAA awarded recognized. Las Vegas International Film Festival award winning, we know film.


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The discussions are fair and balanced. We don't debate-- we discuss. Let's discuss your political views.